Han Dong-hoon, who attended the General Assembly, said, “National Power and I have something in common.”

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Korea “strong sense of responsibility towards the country and its people”… Explanation of new immigration office plan
“Meeting with former members of the party… “Yeouido’s political activities begin in earnest.”

Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon is explaining the plan to establish a new Immigration Management Office at the People Power Party’s general meeting of policymakers held at the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul on the 6th. 2023.12.6/News 1

Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon attended the People Power Party policymaker general meeting on the 6th and said, “There is something in common between me and the People Power Party.” This is the first time that a minister has attended the ruling party’s general meeting since taking office in May last year.

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Minister Han attended the People Power Party’s general meeting held at the National Assembly on this day and directly explained to the party’s lawmakers the plan to establish a new Immigration Office (Immigration Office, tentative name). Minister Han urged cooperation to introduce the Immigration Service, saying, “There is one thing in common between me and the People Power Party,” adding, “We are people who prepare elaborately for the future and have a strong sense of responsibility for the country and its people.”

There was an assessment that Minister Han’s political activities in Yeouido had begun in earnest, with some within the party saying, “It is a virtual coronation and a meeting with fellow lawmakers.”

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As Minister Han is expected to run in next year’s general election, the political world’s attention has been focused on Minister Han’s actions at this general meeting. In particular, more attention was drawn to the event as it was a conversation with all party members at a time when various ideas were emerging within and outside the party regarding Minister Han’s ‘role theory’ in the general election.

However, after attending the General Assembly, Minister Han responded to reporters’ questions about his role in next year’s general election by saying, “I have nothing more to say from what I have said so far.” When asked about the reaction within the party that attending this general meeting was a ‘political declaration’, he drew the line, saying, “It is a normal performance of duties for the government and the ruling party to discuss important policies to prepare for the future of the Republic of Korea.”

Earlier, Kim Ki-hyun, leader of the People Power Party, met with reporters that day and said regarding Minister Han’s role theory, “It’s not that (the party) is not doing anything.” Senior party spokesman Yoon Hee-seok commented on Minister Han’s attendance at the ruling party’s general meeting on KBS radio on the same day, saying, “It is a timing adjustment to maximize the political effect necessary for Minister Han’s political debut.”

Rep. Ha Tae-kyung of the People Power Party said on YTN radio that day, “Minister Han is already showing signs of acting as a politician,” and added, “Just as Representative Hwang Kyo-ahn played a big role in the 20th general election and Park Geun-hye, then emergency committee chairperson, played a big role in the 19th general election, (Minister Han) “If you come to the party, you must become the face of the party,” he explained.

Rep. Ha emphasized, “This general election is Han Dong-hoon’s time,” and said, “Minister Han must campaign to support the nation.” At the same time, he said, “I do not want to recommend the district. He said, “It would be nice to run (in the general election) in the next order of proportional representation in the metropolitan area in the regional proportional representation system.”

People Power

Lee Ye-ji,

Source: Donga

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