Trump: “I won’t be a dictator when I come back to power, except for the first day.” Controversy over warning of ‘political retaliation’

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The Washington Post reported on the 13th (local time) that former U.S. President Donald Trump used abusive language, including calling those opposing him “vermin” and “thugs,” at a campaign rally in Claremont, New Hampshire on the 11th. ) reported. The photo shows Trump clenching his fists toward his supporters as he comes down from the podium after his speech. 2023.11.14. Claremont = AP/Newsis

“I will not become a dictator. Except for the first day of re-election… .”

Former US President Donald Trump, who has recently repeatedly stated that he will strengthen presidential authority if he succeeds in returning to power, raising concerns about ‘political revenge’ and ‘dictatorship’, again called ‘dictatorship’ during a conversation with Fox News anchor Sean Hannity on the 5th. mentioned. If he is re-elected, it is expected to have significant repercussions as it means he may briefly rule as a dictator at the beginning of his inauguration.

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President Joe Biden, who has recently suffered from a low approval rating, strongly criticized former President Trump’s actions and took a confrontational stance. The anti-Trump camp within the Republican Party is also citing Trump’s dictatorship as a justification for their presidential candidacy. However, a public opinion poll was released showing that President Biden is losing not only in a virtual bilateral confrontation with former President Trump, but also in a confrontation with former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, another Republican presidential candidate.

● Trump “dictatorship on the first day in office”

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In a conversation held in central Iowa, the first host of the Republican presidential primary early next year, former President Trump was asked, “Do you promise not to abuse your power for revenge?” and answered, “I will, except on the first day.” . He went on to say, “I will close the borders and drill for oil,” adding, “I will not be a dictator after that.” It is interpreted that he is willing to endure criticism for being a dictator in order to fulfill his pledges, such as strengthening the crackdown on illegal immigrants and canceling the Biden administration’s eco-friendly policies.

He also shouted to his supporters on the 2nd and 3rd that “Biden is the destroyer of American democracy.” President Biden used the same expression he used recently when criticizing himself. Former President Trump said, “Biden is trying to use the government and the law as a weapon to attack his political opponents,” and claimed that the four criminal indictments filed against him this year are evidence of this. Last month, he also said, “If re-elected, I will root out communists, Marxists, fascists, and radical leftists living in America like pests.”

President Biden immediately counterattacked. He claimed that the reason he is running for re-election despite various controversies such as old age and health abnormalities is to prevent former President Trump, who openly mentions dictatorship, from being elected. “If Trump hadn’t run, I’m not sure I would have run,” he said. “I can’t let him win,” he argued.

Washington Post (WP) columnist Robert Kagan also argued, “If Trump wins the presidential election, he will become the most powerful president in history, and there is a significant possibility that the presidency will turn into a dictatorship.”

● Haley, 4% points ahead of Biden

There is also a movement among some of the Democratic Party’s supporters that it would be more effective to support former Ambassador Haley, who has recently emerged as a ‘Trump opponent’, rather than pushing President Biden to prevent a ‘second Trump term’. They say that ‘preventing Trump from coming back to power’ is a priority over ‘Biden’s re-election.’

In this context, Reed Hoffman, co-founder of social media ‘LinkedIn’, who has always supported the Democratic Party, recently donated $250,000 (approximately 330 million dollars) to a ‘Super PAC’ (political action committee) supporting former Ambassador Haley’s election campaign. donated 10,000 won). It is unusual to donate to a candidate from a political party other than the party you support.

According to a virtual bilateral matchup survey for next year’s presidential election released by the public opinion polling company ‘Harris In the same survey, President Biden was significantly behind former President Trump, 40% to 47%.

Former Representative Liz Cheney, a leading anti-Trump figure in the Republican Party, said, “If Trump is re-elected, he could turn American democracy into a dictatorship. “We will do anything to prevent his re-election.” He said he was also considering running as a third-party candidate to diversify the votes of Republican supporters.

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