What is linoleic acid: what foods is it found in and how often to consume it

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Linoleic acid deserves its rightful place among essential nutrients for protecting and improving health.

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Why are they so important? The Better with Health website replicates information from the journal Public Health Nutrition according to which its regular consumption is associated with a reduction in the chances of developing certain types of diseases cancerfor example mother.

There are also some theories that indicate its effect on weight loss and the prevention of obesity, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. Other ongoing studies establish that it may have an important role in reducing the risks of chronic non-communicable diseases.

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Which foods contain linoleic acid

THE peanuts, one of the main sources of nutrients, which are distinguished by the abundance of these nutrients walnuts and pine nuts.

Walnuts are an abundant source of linoleic acid Photo Shutterstock.Walnuts are an abundant source of linoleic acid Photo Shutterstock.

Both options also contain vitamins, minerals and healthier fats.

It is also present in seeds – it is good to remember that they must always be consumed after activation -, in oils derived from this type of food, in eggs and whole grains.

How to consume them

To reach the required levels, the Better with Health website specifies that it is sufficient to follow a varied and balanced diet.

Whole grains contain linoleic acid Photo: Shutterstock.Whole grains contain linoleic acid Photo: Shutterstock.

Within this plan, the recommendation is to include a daily handful of the nuts mentioned. A good option is to eat them as a snack, mid-morning and as a snack. The advantage is that it gives a feeling of satiety, without adding unnecessary calories.

With some of these fruits you can prepare vegetable drinks and homemade cheeses.

In other cases, your doctor may prescribe a vitamin supplement.

It is important to highlight that these indications are indicative and do not replace professional advice.

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