Undead Unluck, chapter 20: what time and when will the new episode of the anime debut

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During the month of February, manga fans will be able to continue enjoying the television adaptation of one of the most popular anime sagas today: Undead bad luck.

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The new anime series has arrived on the small screen thanks to Davide productiona studio known for other productions such as Force of Fire AND Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Although in general the first season consists of 12 episodes, the developers of Undead Unluck have confirmed that their first chapter will have double that: 24 chapters.

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Undead Unluck: when chapter 20 comes out

The manufacturer confirmed this Friday 23 February will be launched episode 20 From Undead bad luck. Since it is a continuous broadcast, it is expected that the anime will not end before six months after its launch.

Several productions choose to divide the seasons into two parts and thus guarantee greater broadcast space throughout the year. Even so, David Production confirmed it Undead Unluck will have two parts AND They will come out one after the otherwithout cuts or pauses.

Undead Unluck: what time does episode 20 air?

As is normal, series previews vary by location. However, always corresponds to the time zone of Japan. Below are the premiere times country by country:

  • Argentina: 13 hours.
  • Colombia: 11 hours.
  • Venezuela: 12 hours.
  • Chile: 13 hours.
  • Mexico: 10 hours.
  • Uruguay: 13 hours.

Undead Unluck: where to watch chapter 20

Outside of Asia, several platforms have licenses to publish anime series. In this case, it can be seen in EuropeHe United Kingdom AND America Through Disney Plus AND Stella Plus. Likewise, inside United States of America the license is paid by the company Hulu.

Source: Clarin

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