Little-known Japanese infusions that bring great health benefits

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THE natural infusions I am a great ally of well-being, provide various benefits for health and in many cases help prevent diseases.

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The alternatives to do the infusion variables are infiniteand everything can be adapted to each person’s needs.

The daily consumption of infusions is deeply rooted in Japanese culture. THE Japanese herbal teas They provide great health benefits and aid well-being.

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Give matcha or sancha infusions, which are two different types of green tea, ideal for relaxation. This variety of tea for the Japanese They help to be in harmony and balance.

Japanese infusions to prevent diseases

The best Japanese infusions to prevent diseases.  Anna Pou for PexelsThe best Japanese infusions to prevent diseases. Anna Pou for Pexels


He Hojicha is a very popular tea in Japan. It is a type of green tea that is subjected to a roasting process in which it loses the caffeine it contains, making it ideal to drink at any time of the day.

This infusion serves as antioxidant but it is not as powerful as the others. It also has effects anti-inflammatorieshelps the general functioning of the body, rreduces stress levels and it helps fight insomnia.


Yomogi is an herb derived from mugwort, used in Japanese medicine. Yomogi infusions they have anti-inflammatory propertieshelp strengthen the immune systemand contributes to the correct functioning of the organism.


Kukicha is a variety of tea characterized by its unusual origin: it is obtained from the branches and stems of the tea plant, as opposed to the conventional use of leaves. This infusion is characterized by its characteristic flavourwith nuances reminiscent of the aroma of wood.

In addition to its particular flavor, Kukicha provides a variety of vitamins and minerals which can act as a complement beneficial for the immune system. Even its properties aid digestion and contribute to the general well-being of the organism.


Sencha is a type of green tea that helps prevent diseases.Sencha is a type of green tea that helps prevent diseases.

Sencha, one of the most popular green teas in Japan, its production process which prevents the oxidation of the leaves. This tea is not only appreciated for its unique flavor and aromabut it is also credited with health benefits associated with longevity and well-being.

Thanks to its high content antioxidant, helps strengthen the immune system, helping the body fight free radicals. Furthermore, its ability to act as a natural anxiolytic turns it into a natural option to reduce stress and anxiety.


Umeboshi tea originates from Japanese plums, it is ideal for combating hot summer days as it helps to refresh the body naturally. It has properties that help they strengthen the immune system and contribute to the health of the digestive system.

Ginger tea or Shoga Yu

This tea is made with ginger, a root that stands out as being exceptional anti-inflammatory and strengthens the immune system. It is ideal to drink in winter.


Some of these infusions contribute to the immune system and are rich in antioxidants.  CLAIMA20130304_0158   Some of these infusions contribute to the immune system and are rich in antioxidants. CLAIMA20130304_0158

Sobacha infusion comes from buckwheat, contains antioxidants, contributes to cardiovascular health and provides benefits for the immune system.


Matcha is one of the types of green tea with the strongest flavor, it stands out as being excellent antioxidantprovides nutrients and contributes to the functioning of the immune system. This infusion is ideal when you need energy to face the day.


It is a traditional herb in Japan that is used for medicinal purposes, Helps the immune system and vitality.


Mugicha tea is made from barley, contains no caffeine and is rich in antioxidantscontribute toThe correct functioning and well-being of the organismand is ideal for digestion.

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