Trump wins in Idaho and Missouri… “The election is over”

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Won the Michigan caucuses… “I haven’t heard anything about Hailey for a few days.”
‘Super Tuesday’ primaries in 15 states on March 5th… Looks like finals will be confirmed

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Former President Donald Trump, the Republican primary candidate for the 2024 U.S. presidential election, also announced victory in Idaho and Missouri ahead of the so-called ‘Super Tuesday’.

According to CNN and the New York Times (NYT), former President Trump won all 51 delegates with a ‘sweep vote’ in the Missouri Caucus (party member vote) held on the 2nd (local time). On the same day, in Idaho, he secured 84.6% of the votes based on 77% of the votes counted, solidifying his victory.

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Ahead of the upcoming November presidential election, former President Trump and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley are locked in a fierce battle in the Republican Party, but the winner of the ticket to the finals has actually been decided. Former President Trump won a landslide victory over former Ambassador Haley in both the primary and caucuses held so far.

On this day, in addition to Missouri and Idaho, Michigan also held a caucus with 39 out of 55 delegates at stake. In Michigan, the Democratic-majority state legislature postponed the primary date to the 27th of last month, which was against Republican primary rules, so two primary elections were held until the caucus.

Former President Trump, who won 68.1% of the votes and 12 delegates in the Michigan primary on the 27th of last month, appears to have secured all 39 delegates in the caucuses on this day. Former Ambassador Haley won four of the Michigan delegates in the primary on the 27th of last month.

With the successive victories in Missouri, Idaho, and Michigan that day, former President Trump secured 247 of the 1,215 delegates needed to become a presidential candidate. Former Ambassador Haley has secured 24 delegates so far.

On Super Tuesday, which takes place three days from now, primaries and caucuses will be held simultaneously in 15 states, and the direction of 854 of the 2,429 delegates in the Republican Party will be divided. Former President Trump, who has recorded an undisputed victory, is expected to formalize his bid for the presidential election at this event.

Former President Trump visited Richmond, Virginia, one of the Super Tuesday primary sites, and said, “We will win big in Virginia,” and “We will win Virginia 100%.” finished. “The election will be over,” he said, expressing his confidence in his victory.

Meanwhile, the pressure on former Ambassador Haley to resign, who has suffered consecutive defeats, is expected to intensify. After the primary, primary and caucuses will be held in Washington DC and North Dakota on the 3rd and 4th, respectively, until Super Tuesday, and former Ambassador Haley is expected to handle these primary elections for now.

On this day in Greensboro, North Carolina, former President Trump targeted former Ambassador Haley and sarcastically said, “After we won her state (South Carolina) so big, I haven’t heard of her in five days.”

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