What is the correct way to ask angels for advice?

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For the Catholic Church, l angelsspiritual creatures, exercise a mediating function in relationships between God and men. Although, obviously, Jesus Christ has a mediation task far superior to that of the angels.

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Already in the Old Testament the angels were entrusted above all to particular attention and care before men, for whom they present their requests and prayers to God.

In this way, people usually invoke them ask for help when you have a desire that seems unattainable or very difficult to achieve. In those moments everyone would have a “Guardian angel,” responsible for mediating before God to help bring about what a person desires.

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What is the correct way to ask angels for advice?

Of course it is well known that angels act only if invoked and that they intervene only if they listen to the request in question. From the angelologyexplain that, when invoked, they will perceive the request, which can be specified in different ways.

One of them is composed of ask for help with your mind, since, as experts say, the angels will receive the vibration and, therefore, they will intervene to achieve the objective.

Another way is to do it invoke them out loud, just as it is done mentally. To do this you need to find a quiet place and a moment of peace and quiet. Phrasing the request out loud helps give it greater precision and clarity.

Guardian angel.  Illustrative photo: Shutterstock.Guardian angel. Illustrative photo: Shutterstock.

In matters of love, many experts advise write a letter to the angels. They also recommend being honest when expressing emotions (such as anger, violence, grief, or confusion). The letter should end with a phrase of gratitude to the angels.

Use your imagination and think that angels are present, with the person who needs help, is a way to enhance the need. You must imagine that angels are present in the moment of a difficult situation, such as a job interview or an illness.

When invoked, the angels will perceive the request, which can be granted in different ways.When invoked, the angels will perceive the request, which can be granted in different ways.

Another way to summon angels is to do so develop intuition. In other words, feel deeply what is happening, as this will summon the angels and you will be able to overcome challenges, obstacles, anger and all kinds of annoyances.

Obviously, the phrase It is an effective way to ask the angels. An example prayer is as follows: “Divine angels, I ask for your wisdom and guidance at this time in my life. Please help me find the answers I need.

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