They are planning a law that provides vacation days each month for “menstrual pain”

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They are planning a law that provides vacation days each month for

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Menstrual discomfort should not interfere with activities or quality of life, but the new law planned in Spain speaks of cases with severe symptoms. Photo Shutterstock.

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A proposal by the Spanish government that could make that country the first in Europe to allow female workers to take menstrual leave has sparked debate over whether the policy Will it help or hurt women? in the workplace.

A leaked draft of the new bill scheduled to be debated by the Spanish Council of Ministers on Tuesday proposes to give menstrual workers. three days of optional vacation per monthwith an additional two days allowed in exceptional cases.

vague whether to pay for vacation or not, or if it is offered in the form of flexible hours that employees have to work on during a particular period of time. This falls under Spain’s new law on abortion and sexual rights, which will allow young women over the age of 16 to terminate their pregnancy without parental consent and contemplate “menopause” for women with painful menstruation.

The law promoted by the Spanish government of serious symptoms such as diarrhea, severe headache, fever '

The law promoted by the Spanish government of serious symptoms such as diarrhea, severe headache, fever ‘

Jose Luis Escriva Spain’s Minister of Integration, Social Security and Migration on Thursday tried to slow expectations, describing the leaked proposal as a draft still “in question” within the coalition government.

Ang Ministry of Equalityone of four ministries managed by a hard-left junior partner in Spain’s Socialist-led government, is behind the bill, according to private news outlet Cadena SER, which first reported the move.

The ministry told The Associated Press that it had not leaked the draft and the version being considered by the Council of Ministers could be subject to changes. The Secretary of State for Equality, Ángela Rodríguez, proposed in March the idea of ​​giving some sort of menstrual leave.

CLAIMA20160825_0259 Menstruation, intimacy and women

Menstruation, intimacy and women

“It’s important to clarify what a painful season is,” he told El Periódico. “We’re not talking about the slight discomfort, but about severe symptoms such as diarrhea, severe headache, fever” He added.

Although small private companies across Europe adopted policies at the time, the enactment of a national strategy would make Spain a pioneer country in Europe. In some parts of Asia, from Japan to South Korearegulations on menstrual leave have long existed, although the extent of their use is controversial.

Italy briefly considered the idea in 2016, proposing a bill that would have provided three fully paid vacation days to workers obtaining medical certificates. The proposal did not move forward before the end of the legislature in 2018.

The draft filtration has been developed controversial, and water is divided on the issue. For example, in a survey conducted by the site 20 minutes.esTo date, 54% of voters are opposed to the new proposal against 38% who strongly support it.

Source: Clarin

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