Who was the former soccer player who jumped off a cliff and was killed to make a viral video?

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Last week, the tragic death of a tourist who died trying to jump off a cliff on the island of Mallorca, Spain.Now, according to local media, it was confirmed that the deceased was actually a former Dutch soccer player. Moulad Rambalatte.

A former Dutch player was on vacation with his family in Spain when he made a life-threatening jump. At that moment, his wife was filming him, and considering his wife and two children, the record ended with the death of an athlete.

At the age of 31, Arnhem’s former Jong Vitesse player was visiting the Marglatz Islands with his child and wife. When they toured the various cliffs, Rambalatte identified a 22-meter-high cliff that he decided to jump. Nevertheless, He was unaware of the stone below and was hit by a shocking accident.

Dutch soccer players dive into the water but hit some rocks.

Dutch soccer players dive into the water but hit some rocks.

His children and his wife were watching him jump and he crashed into a rock while she was filming. According to media reports, the body was found underwater as a result of the search. It is unclear if the jump is being investigated by the local government, as it is popular with tourists from all over Mallorca.

The tragic footage taken from a nearby boat taken by a man’s wife and children shows a terrifying effect.

The soccer player jumped off a majestic cliff, but in the fall he apparently noticed that the jump reached a rocky area rather than the deep sea.In the video I hear a terrifying cry: “My God!”.

The place where the jump occurred.

The place where the jump occurred.

The conclusion of the autopsy is that Moulad Rambalatte was alive when he entered the water, but later lost consciousness and drowned at a depth of about 15 meters.

Rambalatte is a famous Dutch athlete who played for Vittesse. Vittesse is a team that expressed condolences through social networks after listening to the news. “I wish my family and friends a lot of power and power,” they wrote on Twitter. Previously, the soccer player who made his debut under the name Besselink belonged to NEC, AGOVV, Go Ahead Eagles, and the first team subsidiary, Jong Vitesse.

He was a famous figure in Arnhem and the surrounding towns to the east of the country. Even in the field of kickboxing, he dedicated himself after wearing his boots. One of the reference coaches, Mesut Cam, shared a message in his memory on Facebook. .. That’s the way you always benefit me. ”

Mourad Lambaratte was 31 years old.

Mourad Lambaratte was 31 years old.

Rasmarglatz is the largest island in Mallorca in the Balearic Islands of Spain. They have high fishing and ecological value due to the diversity of both marine and bird habitats and, to a lesser extent, terrestrial. Therefore, their surroundings are cataloged and protected as marine protected areas by the Balearic Islands Government.

Another rudeness

Moulad Rambalatte was not the only tragedy in Spain in the last few hours... A 34-year-old man of British nationality was recklessly moving the other side of the balcony railing on the 7th floor of the South Beach Hotel in Magaluf from one part to another this Thursday morning. At some point, the victim is free and plunges to a certain death.

According to Diario de Mallorca, witnesses immediately called in paramedics to take care of the victims, but the man was dead. Agents of the Calvia Local Police and members of the Civil Guard were also mobilized to carry out the corresponding expert reports.

Source: Clarin

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