She killed her husband four days after the wedding: the person in charge was on a reality show

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She killed her husband four days after the wedding: the person in charge was on a reality show

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Amber Rosales will be the murderer of Jeffrey McBride Police Photo Denton.

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One month before, Amber Rosales, 30, called 911 from his home in Denton, Texas. Her message was powerful: her husband, Jeffrey McBrideWas shot dead while on his truck next to her.

According to his story featured on the People en Español site, the person in charge would have shot and escaped. He then expanded, according to the same source, that the attacker “cleaned the revolver, threw it on the passenger floor of the vehicle, and walked away.”

In the encounter with the police Rose bush McBride said he had a drug-related business in his hands, but it didn’t go as expected.

The woman also said that the person responsible for the crime stole a gun from her husband’s parents’ home and the husband crashed in an attempt to escape the attacker.

However, police officers noticed a scratch on their arm and a swollen thumb as a sign of the fight. This may be due to the handling of the revolver.

Rosales and McBrideAccording to information from The Sun, duplicated by the Mundo Hispánico site, they were married four days before this event. She emphasized that she participated in the local channel reality show Big Tips.

Suspicion of police

Investigators realized that there was a contradiction in the story of the woman and decided to step up the investigation.

To do this, murder investigators carried out various investigation warrants, interviewed witnesses, and confirmed surveillance cameras.

In the new survey, investigators made the following key hypotheses: Rosales may have shot her husband Located in the 1100 block of E. Sherman Drive near the Shell Gas Station and the University of Texas Women’s.

According to information reported by People en Español, police told reporters, “Evidence has led investigators to believe that Rosales was the only other person when the victim was shot dead. “.

For this reason, she was arrested on May 25 by an order from a local judge and held responsible for the murder.

He is currently imprisoned in Denton Prison with bail of up to $ 500,000.

A bitter cover of Texas shooting time.

A bitter cover of Texas shooting time.

Shooting in Texas

Impact on the murder McBride In addition to the effects caused by the slaughter at Rob de Uvalde Elementary School in Uvalde in the same region of the United States.

In a shooting at the school on May 24, 18-year-old Salvador Roland Ramos killed 21 people with his weapons.

That same day, before going to school, he shot and injured his grandmother.

Among the deadly victims are 19 children and 2 adults. In addition, several students were injured and one husband of the deceased teacher died of a heart attack two days later.

Source: Clarin

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