Shooting and stampede at the entrance to a recital in Washington: a 15-year-old boy died and three were injured

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A 15-year-old boy was killed and three other people were injured a new shooting occurred in the United States. This time it happened this Sunday at the entrance to an unauthorized concert in the city of Washington.

The shooting occurred after two violent incidents during an unauthorized concert, organized by the “Moechella” groupwhich forced the police to shut down the event, District of Columbia commander Robert Contee informed the press.

The group had promoted a Juneteenth event to celebrate go-go music, which hails from Washington, DC

At one point, according to the authorities, a “brawl” broke out among the members of the assembled crowd that had to be contained, according to the authorities. Then it happened a “secondary accident” that caused people to start running and escape, in a video that circulated on social media.

While the officers closed the event and the paramedics took care of the people who had been injured during the escape, a shooting broke out which resulted in the death of a minor and left three other victims.

The two adults and the officer, who was shot in the lower body, are hospitalizedthere, Contee reported. Despite the abundant police presence to disperse the crowd.

It is not yet known why the young man was hit by a bullet, but before the accident the police seized two weapons near the scene and they were chasing a man with a gun without a license, police said.

The United States faces a profound debate amid an epidemic of gun violence. Since the beginning of the year, more than 20,000 people have died from gunshot wounds.according to the NGO Gun Violence Archive tally, a toll that includes suicides.

church shooting

Just a few days earlier, another shooting shook a US city. In this case, it was in the city of Birmingham, in the state of Alabama, where a man shot a small group of people which gathered in a church and consequently left two dead and one wounded.

The shooting took place in the Episcopal Church of Saint Stephens in Vestavia Hills, a suburb of Birmingham. At 6:22 pm (local time), a 911 call alerted an active shooter and several officers quickly went to the scene, where they managed to arrest the suspect, according to local police captain Shane Ware, at a news conference.

“From what we have gathered from the circumstances of tonight, a the only suspect entered a small group meeting at the church and started shooting. Three people were hit by bullets, “she reconstructed.

In addition, he specified that two of the three victims died, while the rest was seriously injured and hospitalized in a local hospital.

He later claimed that the suspect has been arrested and that “there is no threat to the community at this time.” However, she refused to provide information on the identity of the perpetrator, nor did she provide details on the people who lost their lives.

Source: Clarin

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