Media Talks In Oxford, Barroso defends the professional press and is attacked by a print vote 25/06/2022 12h02

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London – Luís Roberto Barroso, Federal Supreme Court Minister since 2013, on the 25th, returned to Oxford to attend the Brazil Forum UK, promoted by Brazilian academics educated in the United Kingdom, and was attacked by protesters advocating print voting.

One of Barroso’s main concerns in an election year is the weakening of the professional press and the strengthening of social media.

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According to him, 79% of Brazilians currently have WhatsApp as their main source of information. “We are living in an extremely disruptive moment with regard to social communication”.

Protests over Barroso’s position in the print vote

He addressed an audience of 180 people at Oxford, including Brazilian academics and representatives of Brazilian business in the UK.

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“The advancement of social media is causing (false) information to circulate without a commitment to truth, without this credibility filter applied by professional journalists,” Barroso said.

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YouTube replaces WhatsApp and Facebook as Brazilians favorite for accessing news

YouTube source news social networks

Not everyone agrees with the views of the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court. Protesters staged a protest outside the venue, entered the classroom, and attacked the minister, calling him a liar in the context of a question about the repression vote.

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Photo: Lorena Nogaroli

Indecisive devoted most of his presentation to the impact of social networks on democracy.

According to the minister, “from the moment anyone can express themselves in public, the internet has opened up the space for a series of distortions, increasing disinformation and attacks on democracy”.

Another problem that the minister voiced is what he calls the “tribalization of life”.

“People speak only on behalf of their group, with a polarizing, radicalizing rhetoric. Intolerance is built and false narratives are created in this digital environment that foster violence, intolerance and a lack of speech.”

“Will there be another day tomorrow?” Barroso shared with Amnesty International executive director Jurema Werneck. In the panel entitled, the minister considered it necessary for the professional press to regain its place in the fight against disinformation and regain its place in the fight against disinformation. strengthening democracy. .

The minister faced the wrath of protesters at the event and responded with the closing sentence: “We need to save the kindness, which is the ability to discuss facts and express opinions about others.”

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source: Noticias

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