He discovered he was not his biological son and left him abandoned in school

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He discovered he was not his biological son and left him abandoned in school

A man abandoned his son at school Shutterstock illustrative photo.

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One story shocked the Chinese media and hit Western news sites: a man in Guangxi province, located in southern China, took his son to school, as he usually did. But at the end of the day he didn’t come back for him.

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After a reasonable period of time, as reported by the South China Morning Post, the school authorities tried to communicate with the man, who was in charge of that task.

as the only answerhe said he was not the biological father and that the child was now a “school problem”.

They quickly discovered that the child had a change of clothes and a phone in his backpack.

Noting the complex situation, both the school and the police have launched an operation to find a relative of the child.

So it was that when they tried to contact their mother they were unsuccessful. While the security forces have found the whereabouts of the baby’s grandfather and uncle. But they said they couldn’t take care of him.

Also They visited the house where the child lived and found no one.

The boy was identified as Xiao Rui and Her story began to spread on social networks, television channels and radio to help find where a family member was.

The situation of the parents

According to information gathered by the Mag site of El Comercio de Perú, Chinese legal specialists indicate that the man who abandoned him, if he had a DNA test indicating that he is not related to the blood of the child, would not have judicial responsibility.

While the mother would commit a crime of neglect of a minor. Which in China would require a five-year prison sentence.

Another issue that will need to be resolved is the situation of his biological father.

Source: Clarin

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