The disturbing documentary is rocking the world and some are asking to be removed from Netflix

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The disturbing documentary that is rocking the world and some are demanding to be removed from Netflix

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Jimmy Savile, the main character of the story.

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With the goal of repeating the success of Leaving Neverland, the documentary about Michael Jackson’s sexual crimes, Netflix has premiered Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Storya similar product focused on sexual abuse allegations against a popular British TV host active in the 1960s, ’70s,’ 80s, ’90s and’ 00s.

Hours after Netflix premiered the documentary revealing the true identity of the “idol” on television, many Twitter users expressed their dissatisfaction that such a scary character appeared once one opened the platform.

Hey @Netflixhelps @NetflixUK is there a way to permanently hide Jimmy Savile’s documentary so it doesn’t appear in the featured titles? I’m sure they’ll understand that I don’t want to see Jimmy Savile on my screen, ”one user wrote.

Another, for example, wondered if it was appropriate to watch it or not: “I have to think about whether I really want to see this new Jimmy Savile documentary. How did you grow up watching him without thinking he was a creepy son of a bitch?

The third person warned: “If they experience any kind of sexual abuse, the Jimmy Savile documentary released by Netflix will be difficult and will provoke a lot of crazy feelings. I just stopped episode 2 when I got to first testimony because it is very corrupt. ” “.

There are also those who sincerely recommend the documentary, such as user @400películas: “Even if you know something about the subject, it doesn’t matter. How well Jimmy Savile’s massive story is made into a Netflix documentary. Highly recommended.”

it’s anger

The show has only two episodes. and very long. One lasts 79 minutes and the other is 91. As the official summary points out, Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story chronicles the investigation of approximately 450 complaints of assault and sexual abuse. , with victims as young as five, against “one of The most beloved TV personalities in the UK.”

“If you’re not worried it’s going to make you angry, you have to watch it,” Decider’s Sean McCarthy said. “An accumulation of destructive details,” said Lucy Mangan of The Guardian.

“It removes any doubt that man is a predatory monster without any limits. It’s disturbing but fun to watch,” said Kira Comerford of Ready Steady Cut.

BBC presenter Jimmy Savile in London, in 2005. Photo: EFE

BBC presenter Jimmy Savile in London, in 2005. Photo: EFE

Savile is said to have abused more than a hundred minors between 1955 and 2009 and used to practice necrophilia.. However, this vile character was able to avoid his sentence and was even knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

Savile, who died in 2011, was identified as the driver Top of Pops, a program that premiered on TV in 1964 and had a boom in the nineties. The most well -known musicians and performers of that moment will be interviewed there.

“He knew that fame and power gave him all the doors. To him, you accepted things as normal, but it was abnormal,” said an interviewee in the program’s trailer.

A young Savile.

A young Savile.

The documentary offers a series of interviews that, as in Leaving Neverland, gradually show the viewer who is behind the celebrity.

The official poster of the documentary.

The official poster of the documentary.

Source: Clarin

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