ANSA – Pope Francis’ Ambassador to Brazil stands in the middle of armed conflict in Ukraine 17.09.2022 13:39

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Pope Francis’ envoy to Ukraine, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, was nearly caught in a shootout while distributing humanitarian aid in Zaporizhzhia in the south of the country on Saturday.

The episode was reported to the Vatican News website by Krajewski, who has been the pope’s beggar since 2013.

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The uninjured cardinal said, “For the first time in my life, I didn’t know where to run… You have to know where to go because running is not enough.”

The Poles were traveling with two bishops, one Catholic and one Protestant, and a Ukrainian army, and wanted to deliver food to places where “no one but soldiers had entered”.

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However, the group that had to hide was fired towards.

After the fright, Krajewski was able to complete the distribution of humanitarian aid, including rosaries blessed by Pope Francis.

The Cardinal is on his fourth mission to Ukraine since the start of the war, but this time he has addressed the heart of the conflict.

Before reaching Zaporizhzhia, the beggar again passed through Odessa in the south of the country. The next destination is Kharkiv province in northeastern Ukraine, which was the scene of a counterattack by Kyiv forces.

17.09.2022 13:39

source: Noticias

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