2 months later, the US lottery announced that the R$6.8 billion prize will be split

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After announcing that a single bet has won a record prize of US$1.34 billion (equivalent to R$6.8 billion) in the North American lottery, the company responsible for the games reported that not just one but two stood out. to fill their crates.

The bet took about two months, but finally claimed the amount in Illinois this week.

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According to the Illinois lottery, which is responsible for administering the prize, he said he did not want the identity of the winning couple to be revealed, but that they had bet together to split the prize if they won. So there won’t be a new billionaire, but two millionaires with more than $500 million in their accounts.

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In a note released yesterday, the lottery said the couple was “very happy” with the prize.

Drawn in 2022, the billionaire Mega Millions prize is the third largest in the country’s history and has been collected 29 times in a row until it found a winning bet on July 29.

The numbers drawn at that time were 13, 36, 45, 57, 67 and the “mega ball” number 14.

09/21/2022 14:28updated on 09/21/2022 14:28

source: Noticias

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