‘There was no way to stop it’: A Buenos Aires mayor created a new tariff and producers filed an injunction

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The producers of Azul went to court to block a new tariff for “Essential Services” created by the mayor of that city of Buenos Aires, Nelsón Sombra, of Unión por la Patria: pThey filed a precautionary appeal to suspend payment and consider the tax unconstitutional.

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“They tried to prevent the ordinance from being released. We had meetings with councilors from all parties and also with the incoming mayor, but they went ahead. There was no way to stop him and the only way was to go to court.“commented the producer and director of the Argentine Rural Society, Martin Salgado.

The mayor of Azulejo only took office on December 10, but together with the outgoing official, Hernán Bertellys, he obtained approval in the Deliberative Council of a new rate that agricultural producers consider a huge tax.

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The collective presentation presented to Justice by the Rural Society of Azul was approved by 190 manufacturerswhich represent approximately 190,000 hectares of the district, 30% of the total (which covers 640,000 hectares).

He also commented that another group of producers has filed other lawsuits to stop the tax promoted by the mayor.

According to Salgado, The collection of the tax has already begun to be collected in January, but he underlined only thisand would have received between 30% and 40% of the totalwhich should have been collected from the new tribute.

«In the same bill where you pay the circulation tax, they also put the tariff for Essential Services. You can pay separately, but for that you have to go to the Municipality and ask to split the bill. It’s a hassle because you have to do it personally,” she said.


Sombra’s original plan envisaged that the tariff would be equivalent to one liter of diesel per month per hectare and two liters of diesel per frontage, and the proceeds would be used to cover the costs of healthcare, education, sports, inclusion of disabled people, culture , recreational and transport services, street decoration and signage, maintenance and conservation of squares, promenades and playgrounds. But under pressure from manufacturers and many citizens, changes were made.

-For urban properties: per month, the equivalent of 2 liters of common diesel at the pump price of the YPF service station corresponding to the 10th of the month in which the balance is made.

-For urban properties located in the municipalities of Chillar, Cacharí and 16 de Julio, per month, per hectare, the equivalent of one liter of diesel.

-For rural properties located in barracks II, V, VI, VII, VIII and IX, per month, per hectare, the equivalent of one liter of diesel.

-For rural properties located in barracks III, IV, XI, XII and XIV, per month, per hectare, the equivalent of 3/4 liters of diesel.

-For rural properties located in barracks X, XIII, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX, XX and XXI, per month, per hectare, the equivalent of half a liter of diesel fuel.

Source: Clarin

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