“Creative women”: Carolina Peleritti’s curious rite attached to Calu Rivero’s belly

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Calú Rivero She is in the last stretch of her pregnancy. And this weekend, installed in Uruguay, the actress and partner of Aíto de la Rúa underwent a ritual of full moon singing with Carolina Peleritti and shared on the networks.

In the pictures you can see Calu lying down while Carolina sings to Calu’s belly from very close in a very soft voice and with the palm of the hand on it. “Are you sleeping?” Peleritti is heard whispering at one point.

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Beautiful full moon that makes everything magical. Women creators of existence. Love, nutrition, instinct, tenderness,” Rivero wrote alongside the video.

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Calu is 6 months pregnant and expecting her first child with De la Rúa, with whom she has reunited after many years. Is that they had already dated ten years ago and After a while without seeing each other, they chose each other again.

She, 35, is the son of the former president of the Nation, Fernando de la Rúa they were a couple in 2008.

Now, after getting back together, the couple has decided to settle down in Uruguay in a sustainable house and are dedicated to the development of spirituality.

What is Aíto de la Rúa currently doing?

Aíto de la Rúa is dedicated to investing in the music industry and large real estate ventures.

But the most striking thing is that in recent years it has been involved in a banned market in Argentina. It concerns psychedelic mushrooms and truffles which would serve to help people with mental health issues, anxiety and depression.

“We have a society where we investigate the benefits of psilocybin -a component found in hallucinogenic mushrooms- to health. It is a completely therapeutic issue and is being seriously addressed not only by the Dutch state, but by major universities such as Johns Hopkins in the United States,” the entrepreneur told Radio 10 some time ago.

Calu’s experience of returning to his mother’s womb

In November of last year, the actress had an experience of feeling the same way she lived before. 35 years in her mother’s womb.

On her Instagram account, where she has nearly a million followers, “Dignity,” as she calls herself, was shown inside a swimming pool, eyes closed, and held up by a woman who moved her into the water making smooth movements and turning in different directions.

“Return to the womb through this #aguamágica #wataflow technique. Who would have thought that I would remember things, emotions that I felt it when I was in my mother’s womb. I do not! If she were just a kid,” the actress said.

“But the truth is that the body has memory and when I started to replicate the movements we do when we are in the womb, in the water, my body started giving me unexpected and beautiful sensations. How difficult it is to put into words, as i write this, I feel goosebumps on my arms”, Calu continued to count.

“When I was pregnant, my intention (was) to ask to connect with my process. Myself before, when I was in my mother’s womb, and myself now, with this little baby that’s in my womb. First, precious memories came to mind that filled me with gratitude for my mom,” the actress enthused.


Source: Clarin

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