Marcos, the Big Brother champion: a good boy, without problems with anyone and who sees many defects

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“Everything is very overwhelming, there is little time to assimilate so many things”, says Marcos Ginocchio, the new winner of this tenth edition of Big Brother (Telefe). “It was crazy, I never imagined everything that was going to be behind that door.”

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After more than five months (exactly 161 days) of confinement and coexistence with 19 other participants, Marcos stood out from the start for his balanced, supportive and conciliatory personality. This attitude received the support of the vast majority of the public who, in the end, voted him the winner, but also some criticism from those who considered him “did nothing” and nicknamed him “plant”.

“Everyone can express their opinion however they want, the important thing is to know who they are. There will always be positive and negative criticism and I keep everything beautiful about what happened,” she says. the repercussions: “Don’t fall for all of this just yet.”

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Marcos was the last to leave the Big Brother house and will now donate the prize to a charity.  Photo: Catch tv.

Marcos was the last to leave the Big Brother house and will now donate the prize to a charity. Photo: Catch tv.

A personality without conflicts

At 23, the man from Salta has never participated in a conflict or discussion inside the house, but neither has he remained silent when a situation between other participants did not seem right. “The house brought good things out of me. I learned from everyone, it was very crazy, because you want to keep learning and every day I was seeing things from others that made me learn.”

The most beloved participant of the reality show (it reached more than 70 percent with about 5 million votes in the final) nor does he judge his former teammates who failed to keep their balance during their life together. “Behind every problem that arises, there is a reason. And you need to understand that there is a page in that person’s past to figure out.”

For this reason, although some participants have found themselves involved in discussions or have had inappropriate comments and attitudes, Marcos assures: “It’s not bad if you ever go to the shoulder, It is reasonable. The important thing is to learn from this and not hurt anyone.”

Marcos with Julieta, his ex-girlfriend.  He still doesn't know how he will continue the relationship.

Marcos with Julieta, his ex-girlfriend. He still doesn’t know how he will continue the relationship.

Despite all the praise he has received and receives, he himself feels like an ordinary boy and says: “I see many flaws in myself. But you learn from mistakes and I try to change them. Always starting from being a good person, course.”

His Christian faith and the physical and mental training provided by martial arts (he was a national jiu jitsu champion) were important supports. “I think this has helped me a lot. Martial arts are beautiful, because they harmonize you,” he says. “When you move your body, it also clears your head. But I didn’t pay attention to be calm, it was natural.”

Sadness at every game

For the man from Salta, the experience was very positive. “I really liked it. The hardest thing for me was when a partner left, because during confinement you get used to it, you get attached and you share something different with each other. That’s why when one leaves, you what you shared is missing,” he explains. However, “I never faltered, even on bad days.”

Marcos Ginocchio during his visit to the house.  "Let everyone think what they want. I take the positive things," he says there

Marcos Ginocchio during his visit to the house. “Let everyone think what he wants. I take the positive things,” says the man from Salta, winner of the GH.

Now, with a prize pool of just over 19 million pesos, plus a house, Marcos has several things on his mind. First finish your law degree, because there are very few subjects left to graduate. Then, allocate all the money earned to carry out a solidarity action.

“I already thought about it before joining. I felt a lot of support from people and I want to return all that love With some action, I still don’t know how, but it’s settled,” she says. “Knowing that there might be a child’s face smiling for that makes me happy.”

Marcos assures that he learned this spirit of solidarity from his brother José. “He has always shown me that those attitudes fill your heart and now that I have the resources, I will.” Yes, he will keep the house, which is also part of the prize.

Exposure isn’t something Marcos enjoys too much, but he hopes he can manage a bit as the euphoria generated by reality TV and himself wears off. “I have no idea what I’m going to do from now on. First I want to be with my family and friends and see how things look. I’ll go and see later.”

The same thing happens with his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Julieta, which has generated all kinds of speculation after the young girl’s appearance in the stands during the finale of the reality show. “We had cut short before entering Big Brother. And being inside I realized that I was missing. I told my sister when she was on a home visit, she told Julieta and that’s why she was in the final.”

What happens from now on with the relationship is also unknown to Marcos, who many fans wanted to tie to Julieta Poggio, who won third place. Unsurprisingly, faithful to her style and consistent with her way of thinking, says the man from Salta. “Even being locked up was a test. Now outside, we’ll see what happens.”

Source: Clarin

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