Tuesday’s vote: The eight steps… in search of MasterChef

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In open television that is still setting after the end of Big Brother and previews of Argentina, land of love and revenge 2 (ATAV), Swamp AND American breakfastplus the premium increase From the eight steps (two to three million pesos a day), the rating data is beginning to hold some surprises.

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For example, this Tuesday (April 11) the cooking reality show on Telefe masterchef he was once again the most watched of the day, with 13 pointsbut down nine-tenths from the previous day. Swampthe Brazilian telenovela, is in second place, with 11.1 points (one tenth less than on Monday).

The podium was completed with the eight stepsthe entertainment cycle eltrece led by Guido Kaczka and scored 11 points, up one-tenth from the previous day. The truth is that the game of questions and answers was found only two points from Master Chef.

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"ATAV 2", the new bet of El Trece to increase its prime time.

“ATAV 2”, the new bet of El Trece to increase its prime time.

They were below Telefog Newsin fourth place with 10.5, and closes the top five ATAV 2 with 9.7.

channel by channel

When the focus shifts from running the programs themselves to concentrating on the channels, the balance of the day was as follows:

1st) telephone, 9.1

Wanda Nara leads the new version of "MasterChef", Telefe

Wanda Nara leads the new version of “MasterChef”, Telefe’s new “tank”.

2nd) the thirteen, 5.3

3rd) America, 2.9

4th) the nine, 2.4

5th) public television, 0.5

6th) internet tv, 0.4

7th) Good television0.0

Sing with me now: with Manuel Wirtz, without Marcelo

This Tuesday also marked the return to the screen of El Trece, the second season of sing with me now, no longer led by Marcelo Tinelli but with Manuel Wirzt in command. It is worth remembering that a few days ago Marcelo Tinelli closed his pass for America, where he will cover the role of Artistic Director.

He returned to El Trece "Sing with me now" under the guidance of Manuel Wirtz.

He returned to El Trece “Sing with me now” under the guidance of Manuel Wirtz.

The clock struck 18:43 when finally Manuel Wirzt’s debut with the second season of sing with me now with a floor of 4.0 points, the legacy he received The usual strangers.

The final measurement -after 1 hour and 20 of the program- an average of 4.4 pointsaway from its direct competitor Telefé, Family lovewhich doubled it.

Manuel Wirtz’s vote on his debut coincides with the average he had obtained, in the same time slot, for the reality show hosted by Pampita, The hotel of the famous 2.

The magnifying glass

–Master Chef (Telefe, 22:44) reached 13.0 points and was the most viewed of the day. He won his streak even though it was down 9 tenths from the previous number.

–ATAV 2 (El Trece, 10:26 pm) scored 9.7 points. It was second in its slot, down 3/10 from its first, but was still the fifth most watched program of the day.

–American breakfast (America, 10:30) an average of 1.7. It dropped 6 tenths from its previous number and was fourth in its timeslot.

–The 8 steps of the 3 million (El Trece 21:00), measured 11 rating points. It’s up 8-tenths from the previous broadcast and is the program’s second-highest rating so far this year.

–In El Trece, sing with me now (18:43) He scored 4.4 points, same as the average of El hotel de los fames 2. He was second in his timeslot but very far from telefe.

Source: Clarin

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