Guillermo Coppola Says China Suárez Started Dating ‘An Older Man’ and Actress Came Out to Respond

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In intruders (America, Monday to Friday at 1pm), Guillermo Coppola told a rumor Eugenia La China Suarez. “China has traded youth for experience… But this is a small rumor, I’m not sure,” said Diego Maradona’s former rep.

Then, Marcela Tauro, presenter of the cycle to replace Florencia de la Ve, assured that the alleged new boyfriend of the actress “is almost 60 years old”.

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This version reached the ears of La China, which He went out of his way to deny it on his Instagram account, where he accumulates more than 6 million followers.

“On a TV show, a guest allegedly confirmed that I was dating a 60-year-old man. I won’t name him, but I called him on the phone, because that’s how I act, and I asked him why he insured things in my life without knowing me”he began by reassuring La China, stating that he had spoken to Cóppola.

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The download of La China Suárez on Instagram.

The download of La China Suárez on Instagram.

“And his response was, ‘I didn’t say anything about you because I don’t know anything, I did it to follow the driver’s car and not feel bad.’ Understand?” continued the actress, who split from Rusherking days ago.

Furthermore, he added, making his anger clear: “Leave the people alone. Call the man who allegedly told me I was with a new boyfriend, once again putting the woman in a place they love to put. He told me that he knows absolutely nothing about my life and that he has followed the topic so as not to make a bad impression. Happy Labor Day, except for those who hide behind their “job” to ruin the lives of others.”

“When is the day when this way of talking about the lives of others will end? With that lightness, tell a lie, install it and let it stay there, in the air,” concluded La China.

What did Guillermo Coppola say about La China Suárez?

“Marcelita, you’ve known me for many years. If I’m not sure about something, it’s hard for me to say. I’m not sure. It’s a little gossip”Coppola told Tauro, who in Intruders told how this would reach them La China’s version of the romance with “an older man”.

Guillermo Cóppola was in Intruders and talked about La China Suárez.  Catch TV.

Guillermo Cóppola was in Intruders and talked about La China Suárez. Catch TV.

“It happened like this: We had lunch on the radio the other day, and at that lunch, someone came up to me and said, ‘Don’t you know who China’s dating?’ So, with my partner Alejandra Salas we started: “What is it? Soccer player? Age? “You, Guillermo, at one point said ‘he’s almost 60’,” said the journalist.

Thus, Cóppola condemned: “He traded youth for experience.”

“I can’t believe it either… Apparently the object is strange,” added Taurus. And Cóppola concluded: “If we can get the exact information, we tell it. Because we haven’t defined it well.”

La China and rumors of romance with Trueno

Days ago, the actress came out to deny another rumor. After being related to rapper Thunder, she said: “I don’t know Thunder, guys. I have not seen this in my life. I’ve never spoken in my life.”

And he lashed out: “Sometimes I can’t believe how they take assumptions because of an emoji that’s actually a lightning bolt I know.”

Source: Clarin

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