Meg Ryan will debut as a director of a romantic comedy, and with David Duchovny

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Meg Ryan will debut as a director of a romantic comedy, and with David Duchovny

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Meg Ryan at the Locarno film festival, 2018. Photo: EFE

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Actress Meg Ryan has announced that she will soon return to the romantic comedy genre and none other than David Duchovny (The X-Files). In addition, the star You have an email confirmed that he will also be the project director.

Although the film is Ryan’s formal directorial debut Ithaca, who reunited him with Tom Hanks, the result was not perfect. It’s a heavy and dark drama and the actress can’t bring herself to her best, but perhaps she can by going back to romantic comedies.

Mega Ryan.  Photo: REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni

Mega Ryan. Photo: REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni

the new film

Meg Ryan will star and direct What Happens Later, a film also directed by David Duchovny. As announced, the film will be “an evolved and nostalgic version of romantic comedy”, based on the play. Meteor by Steven Dietz, who also co -wrote the screenplay with playwright and novelist Kirk Lynn and Ryan.

The project, which will be one of the titles on the market at the next Cannes Film Festival to find international buyers, should be seen in theaters in 2023.

The film tells the story of a couple of former lovers who reunite after decades apart, when they find themselves trapped in an airport during a snowstorm that halted all flights. She, who has always been an independent spirit, remains free in sentimental relationships, as she was recently divorced.

Ryan and Duchovny will play former lovers Willa and Bill, and it all takes place on the same night.

a versatile actor

meg ryan

meg ryan

Before his famous role When Harry finds Sallywhere Billy Crystal fell in love, Ryan joined the soap opera The world rotates. He later performed supportive roles, as in top gun (1986). He was formerly the highest paid actor in Hollywood. He doesn’t win statuettes like the Oscars, but he accumulates millionaires in his checking account.

The pressure of fame became impossible, and that’s why I retired. ”The young blonde, owner of a neighborhood beauty, admired a series of hits on her protagonists in light comedies: Joe vs. the volcano (1990), Something to keep in mind (1993), french-kiss (nineteen ninety -five), addicted to love (1997), You have an email (1998).

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in “You

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks on “You’ve Got Email.”

To the best of her ability, she took the opportunity to break up with Dennis Quaid (they married in 1991). They have already met at unusual journey and they had a son, Jack Quaid, also an actor. Later, Meg had a romantic relationship with Russell Crowe.

“Dennis hasn’t been honest with me for a long time, it hurts and I think I was wrong,” he said a few years later. Intermittence took over his relationships: he met one of the musicians, John Mellencamp. They were engaged, but in 2019 it was over. At the time, the actress adopted a Chinese woman, Daisy True, who is now 18 years old.

Meg Ryan’s last work was on a free adaptation of the novel The Comedy of Man (Ithaca, 2015). There he acted and also had the luxury of directing. But the move turned so bad that the film was never released in theaters.


Source: Clarin

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