Paloma Fort’s controversial statements about Gustavo Martínez’s death: “The family is very strict”

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Dove Fort broke the silence after what happened on February 16, when Gustavo Martinezthe former partner and guardian of Ricardo Fort’s children, decided to throw himself on the 21st floor of the building where he lives in Belgrano.

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The chocolate maker’s relative, the son of businessman Felipe Fort’s extramarital affair with astrologer Aschira, spoke for the first time of the sad outcome in Miter Live.

“It hurt me a lot, but I know how my family and everyone is covered. Unfortunately, I don’t think much of what happened to Gustavo is reaching because they are always approaching walls and closed doors. The family has always been able to cover it up and that is very sad because Gustavo does not deserve to be led like this. “ shot, no filter.

Seems sad, unfair and painful for him and his nephews. This is a very delicate subject and I don’t know if my family was directly or indirectly involved in Gustavo’s death, but he said he was very depressed because the boys were 18 and he was done with them.. For him, it is important for them to continue to be together but he knows that the Fort family will not allow it, ”he continued.

After Martínez’s suicide, at the same time it was learned that the personal trainer was suffering from severe depression and, in addition, he had the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Gustavo Martínez threw himself from the 21st floor in February.

Gustavo Martínez threw himself from the 21st floor in February.

Regarding Martínez’s decision to take his own life, Paloma opened up the question: “There are some things that must have led him to do that. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a letter, I don’t think he committed suicide without leaving a reason, where the letter was, who was holding it and what happened that night. That I doubt will know at some point and it will be horrible. The truth is so sad, I haven’t talked about it, this is the first time. “

And I added: “It was a bucket of cold water to find out about the death of Gustavo Martínez and I couldn’t believe it.. Almost all of us did the same thing, almost all of us I said because it’s obvious that it didn’t happen to some, but I won’t name it. I found it terrible especially in the way that he decided to leave. He must be in deep depression and sadness, and I still don’t think he deserves to go like this. “

On the other hand, in the same interview, Paloma recalled an episode from the past in which she indicated that Martínez felt family pressure: “When Ricardo died, I wanted to talk to Gustavo and I sent him a WhatsApp, I told him. Who I am., Read the message and I was not answered. And someone told me that he had read it, that he would have liked to know me but he couldn’t. He didn’t dare because he was afraid of what they might say or do when he came in contact with me. “

There is a version that maintains that Paloma is Ricardo’s sister and not the aunt.

There is a version that maintains that Paloma is Ricardo’s sister and not the aunt.

“Forget thinking about trying to meet the boys, mission impossible and it never happened. I think it more hurt for that, I would have liked to meet him. You thought there were threats, the family is very strict and you have to be careful who you talk to and you really limit yourself to what you promise, ”he said, with anger.

Finally, Ricky Fort’s aunt had some powerful words against those in Gustavo’s daily life before he died: “The Fort family after Gustavo’s death seemed horrible to me, it left a lot to be desired by everyone. It is that there are no words. They got a very miserable position, and Gustavo didn’t deserve that after all those years.

Gustavo Martínez’s remains could not be cremated

According to information provided this Friday on let’s go in the morning (El Trece, at 9), Gustavo Martínez’s remains could not be cremated, as his loved ones had planned to do.

Martínez has cultivated a low profile since Ricardo’s death.  TV Capture

Martínez has cultivated a low profile since Ricardo’s death. TV Capture

“The latest information is as follows: Gustavo Martínez’s remains have not yet been delivered. Just now at noon Nicolás (Gustavo’s nephew) will go to pick up the papers from the police station to show them in the garage to do. charge of the wake “, Carlos Monti revealed.

And he added more details about it: “The corpse cannot be buried outside the capital because the accident is in the jurisdiction. In addition, they cannot cremate it for the next 10 years in case they need to. dig up the corpse. “


Source: Clarin

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