While serving a life sentence, former River bar leader Alan Schlenker, will be a father in prison

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Alan Schlenker, sentenced in 2015 to twelve years’ imprisonment for the crime of drug dealer Mario Alfredo Sanzi, alias “Gordo Popó”, formerly life sentence for the murder of another bar, Gonzalo Acro, he makes headlines again while incarcerated at Rawson Maximum Security Prison.

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The Supreme Court of Justice confirmed in 2017 the sentence for the former head of the River barra brava, who had to get used to life behind bars and rebuild his life from there. In March 2022 he married Patricia, the woman he started a relationship with in 2019, and has now announced that they will have their first child together.

“Unjustly locked up, far away, in the worst prison in the country. Despite everything, our family project couldn’t wait any longer and we went further, always forward, always towards love and life. A child is a blessing and we trust that justice must come.” tweeted.

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country, as his wife nicknames, is six months pregnant. They met in 2019 when Schlenker was being held in Azul Prison and are now looking forward to their first child together.

While imprisoned in Rawson’s Unit 6, he insists that his sentence is unfair and hopes that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights will rule on his request for freedom. “Innocent Prisoner With TWO Armed Suits #JusticiaPorAlan”, Reads the description of his Twitter account, which is run by his relatives.

His brother William was also arrested with him. Although they claim to have been sentenced to “perpetual without a single process”justice has deemed them instigators of the crime of Gonzalo Acro.

In his sentence, the word of Albert AcroGonzalo’s father, who recalled that shortly before his son’s death he had told him that Schlenker “he has a dead man at Villa Borges”. It was the murder of Munro de Sanzi, the drug dealer, for which he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Alan swears his innocence and has backed off more than once Jose Maria Aguilar, The former president of the millionaire. “I’m not gray for stopping by the bar. I’m gray for facing Aguilar and all the power. Acro’s death came like a glove”he said in an interview in 2017, from prison.

Source: Clarin

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