Numerology: How to know who your perfect match is based on your date of birth

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Will it be just a temporary relationship or will it be the love of my life? This is the question we all ask ourselves when we meet someone. Fortunately, numerology can help us when it comes to find the answer.

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Yes, with a simple account, we can recognize the compatibility of ours company and recognize whether we are (or not) soul mates.

Is that the Numerologya very ancient science, it allows us to know ourselves, improve ourselves and clarify many questions about ourselves, among which, How are we in love?

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The numerologist Nadir Otermin Hamed guides us to discover what our Perfect match.

What is my personal number

THE Personal number show as usual reveal feelings and passionit allows to recognize what are the negative and positive aspects and, also, the affective temperament.

Thanks to this information, we can more easily know the compatibilityconflicts, improve or avoid some personal tendencies and, therefore, have a better relationship.

The numbers derived from the date of birth reveal the vibratory influence that every person has since they came into the world. Knowing the meaning of each number also helps us improve our bonds of love.

How to calculate the number of the couple

The first thing we have to do is add dates of birth of each member of the couple.

For example: -If you were born on September 8, 1983 (9/8/1983), your number is: 8+9+1+9+8+3= 38= 3+8= 11= 1+1= 2 Your partner was born on June 14, 1984 (06/14/1984), his number is: 1+4+6+1+9+8+4= 33=3+3= 6 Then, you have to add the results of the two: 2+6=8.

So the the couple is defined with the number 8.

Numerology and compatibility: what is the ideal couple

Couple number 1. It’s a distant, distant love. Everyone thinks about their own well-being, which can turn the relationship into a selfish bond. There are good times, but they can also have problems due to individualism which usually appears when no one expects it.

They have to control their character, think that together they can do great things, stop being selfish and keep in mind that a couple is two and not each for himself. And above all they must remember how much and why they love each other.

Couple number 2. This relationship has been through good and bad times, but time continues to strengthen the love and emotions. And the feelings are still as deep as in the first moment, but with each passing day they get stronger. Surely they will live together all their lives and will be very happy, because there is always love between the two of them.

Couple number 3. Harmony is one of the main features of this relationship and they are also attracted to each other because of this harmony they breathe every day. They are a stable, calm couple without many setbacks or problems. Together they manage to create a home like a paradise.

Couple number 4. Unfortunately, their relationship could be considered a copycat: neither of them has much time for their partner because work is much more important than love.

As a couple, they must look for moments in which they completely detach from the world and can recover mutual love, since the secret is to remember what made them fall in love and how much they love each other. But it’s also important to say it and prove it whenever you get the chance.

Couple number 5. This relationship is very joyful. In addition, they have a star that accompanies them wherever they go and everything they start as a couple will have the sign of success. They trust each other very much and are definitely a match with an angel always watching over and guiding them.

Couple number 6. This relationship is based a lot on loving encounters and both know how to give pleasure to the other. Unfortunately, however, this intense feeling can be fleeting, because on many occasions there is only extreme passion, there is a lot of attraction but very little love.

Couple number 7. One could say that they are soul mates. The relationship goes beyond passion, they don’t get carried away by vain things, because the feeling they have for each other is pure and survives everything negative that happens in their life. Spiritual compatibility is much greater than physical.

Couple number 8. They have a beautiful journey together and important projects for the future. It may be that they have arguments, because what they feel is too strong. However, many people don’t understand what the relationship is like because of the many conflicts they have. They should try to resolve everything as tolerantly as possible, because problems can go beyond mere disgust.

Nadir Otermin Hamed is a Numerologist and Master Holistic Therapist. Instagram: @consultorioholisticonadir

Source: Clarin

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