Pecco Bagnaia, the MotoGP world champion who wants to emulate La Scaloneta

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THE Audi gray parked in the emblematic corner of Palermo, in front of the Chilean embassy. And with great skill, the young man dressed in red, with a dark cap and shorts, jumped onto the sidewalk to walk before the eyes of the strangers.

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Obviously the posters ducats They warned the unsuspecting that the boy comes from the world of motorcycles. Although many yelled at him when they realized that those who walked with great sympathy, despite the long journey that began in Lisbon, stopped over in Rome and arrived in Ezeiza.

The MotoGP world champion, the Italian Francis BagnaiaThe popular Sinarrived in the country and tirelessly made his way to the Audi Lounge to talk to the press about the expectations generated by the Argentine Grand Prix, which takes place next weekend at the Termas de Río Hondo circuit in Santiago.

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Francesco Bagnaia is one of the five most successful riders in MotoGP.  Photo: AFP

Francesco Bagnaia is one of the five most successful riders in MotoGP. Photo: AFP

Already on his sensations regarding the title conquered last year and on how he started 2023 triumphantly, Sin He says: “I didn’t like the 2022 bike very much when the season started. We didn’t get off to a good start. We went back to the old bike and worked a lot to get it for me but 100%. This year is different. I felt very comfortable right from the start.”

The contest of The MotoGP in Portugal was very eventful. Consequently, between the various pilots who do not come to Argentina The Spaniard stands out for his injuries Marc Marquez. The Spaniard will not race at Termas de Río Hondo, after the sensational accident suffered on Sunday which resulted in a fracture of his right hand, a diagnosis which forced the Spaniard to undergo surgery. “Marc is the one with the most titles. So he’s always a great rival. In Portugal he took pole position. Then on Sunday he made a mistake but in the end she will be very competitive ”.commented the Italian, who also spoke of the many accidents that occurred over the weekend: “It is difficult to say why there have been so many accidents in Portugal. We are the same riders we always compete with”.

Speaking of the title won in MotoGP, Bagnaia admits he has taken off a lot of pressure: “In 2022 I managed to grow a lot thanks to the difficulties. I learned a lot. I’m more prepared this season. I took off a very heavy backpack in 2022 and now I’m calmer, with the certainty of being able to do things differently”.

And speaking of the 2023 competition, the monarch clarifies: “I have prepared a lot for this new season. More intensity in athletics. You have to be very consistent with both races. And it’s very easy to lose points. You have to work with the team. With 777 points available, you have to add a lot. Only in the European summer will we be able to take stock”.

Forecasts indicate that there high probability of rain for Saturday and Sunday: “A rider prefers to avoid the rain. We will see. Work it in testing in Malaysia with a wet day. In 2022 I didn’t like the water because the bike didn’t ride very well. Now we will see if the prediction will come true. The Termas circuit has a high level of grip. In 2018 we shot with water. It’s a very technical circuit.”.

Bagnaia was champion in 2022 in Moto GP.  Photo: AFP

Bagnaia was champion in 2022 in Moto GP. Photo: AFP

Sin he tries to assimilate the culture of each place he visits, even if the weather is not his ally when it comes to visiting places. “When we go to a circuit we don’t have moments to discover the culture, as we are focused on the races. I am interested in knowing each place and it makes me happy that new circuits are added, like India and Kazakhstan this year, which are very attractive. In the case of Argentina, it’s almost like being in Italy.”.

He admits that he hasn’t yet tried the Moto E, the electric ones supplied by Ducati and which compete for the World Championship this year, and, according to him, he gives the simplest answer to the question about an idol: “Valentino Rossi. He is the idol of all pilots. I would like to continue with Ducati until everything is electric. I hope not, but we know we will. I saw the electric motorcycle and I really liked it”.

In Portugal, winning the opening date of the season, I’m sorry, wet He held his celebration alluding to the place, emulating the great local idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. He got off the bike and hit the classic CR7 jump. What will he do in Termas if he wins again? Will there be a tribute to Messi? “I would like to do something special if I win. It is right to pay tribute to those who deserve it. Just like I did with Ronaldo in Portugal. And Argentina was a fantastic champion at the World Cup. We will do something in homage to the World Champion Team. That team did something historic.”

Source: Clarin

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