The App with Artificial Intelligence that impersonates men and reaches dating women

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A group of former engineers, who claimed to have worked with Tinder, have designed a service to improve the experience of straight men on dating apps.

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The controversy started because they can only be used by men.

We are talking about CupidBot, an application designed with Artificial Intelligence so that male users of dating applications, according to its creators, “don’t have to talk too much” and move on “to the good part”.

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CupidBot was created by a team of alleged former Tinder engineers, which the owners of the dating app have denied, and is currently in beta testing.

How CupidBot works

The application’s AI model was generated from thousands of conversations that resulted in a man obtaining a woman’s phone number.

The App offers users a few conversational styles to approach women with: calm, direct, or romantic, to name a few..

CupidBot.  Chats generated by artificial intelligence.

CupidBot. Chats generated by artificial intelligence.

Moreover, The app’s developers intend to up the ante with unique language models created for each user, trained to mimic their personal conversational styles.

Matches are determined by the sum of all people a user has crossed paths with before using CupidBot. The spokesperson for the App in an interview with the Vice website, explained that the AI ​​”takes information from a woman’s profile pictures, bio and interests to formulate a personalized opening“.

Only for men? The CupidBot App Controversy

CupidBot engineers are aware of the ethical issues raised by using an artificial intelligence to simulate flirting with a group of unwitting love interests.

ChatBot.  Artificial intelligence to generate conversations.

ChatBot. Artificial intelligence to generate conversations.

However, the creators of the APP ensure that people need help especially to get appointments straight men, many of whom have little to prove after spending hours on Tinder, Bumble and Hinge.

“CupidBot has aimed its arrow at a problem dating apps aren’t motivated to fix: the fact that most conversations go nowhere, which leads to an endless cycle of swiping and ghosting,” they explained. its developers. .

This is due, according to the spokesman, to the fact that “The last thing dating apps want is for you to go on a date and it goes well.”

GP Chats.  The controversial Artificial Intelligence App.

GP Chats. The controversial Artificial Intelligence App.

As happened with ChatGPT or “Organoid Artificial Intelligence”, CupidBots as artificial intelligence generate a lot of controversy. Besides the fact that only men can use it, another very controversial issue is that the AI ​​disguises itself and the interlocutor believes he is conversing with a person when he is not. It’s a chatbot.

As for the fact that CupidBot is designed to be used by straight men, on the website they explain that they built it “a tool that helps men achieve results… Dedicated to improving men’s love lives”.

Without having the final version, CupidBot generates a lot of debate about it for various reasons. Time will define what real implications it will have in the universe of virtual dating.

Source: Clarin

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