Jorge Almirón, after the Boca defeat: he didn’t accept questions and complained about the arbitration

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Mouth He arrived in Sarandí after three consecutive victories in the Professional Soccer League. But he collided head-on Arsenal and left empty-handed after the 1-0 that Federico Vilar’s team gave him with Joaquín Pombo’s back-heeled goal. Xeneize coach Jorge Almirón made a strong defense and sharply criticized the referees who, in his opinion, hurt Boca.

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A breaking point in the match in Sarandí was 6′ into the second half when Marcellus Weigandt He carelessly lifted his left foot for the ball in the Arsenal box and headbutted Pombo, who received a deep cut and needed stitches after the game.

the referee, Leandro Rey HilferFirst he claimed the foul in attack, but after a call to the VAR and reviewed the play on the monitor, he decided to show Weigandt the red card and leave Boca with ten players until the end of the match.

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Almirón did not accept the journalists’ questions after the match and rehearsed a monologue against the referees: “The doubters are always against us”said the coach of Boca, who suffered his eighth expulsion in the league.

“It hurts that such a big team hurts us, doubters are always against us. I’ll just say it, I won’t answer anything, the analysis is clear. The players are hurt and worried“, the coach began.

And he added: “I wanted them to understand the discomfort of the players and ours. I’m not apologizing for anything. The opponent did his job, he beat us well. I have nothing against the rival, the approach, playing with two 9s is questionable. We come to play seriously.”

Chiquito Romero complains to referee Rey Hilfer.  (Juano Tesone)

Chiquito Romero complains to referee Rey Hilfer. (Juano Tesone)

Precisely on the expulsion he said: “The expulsion still hurts us, Weigandt looks at the ball and not at the opponent, who lowers his head into a compromised area and accidentally hurts him, it’s incredible. I don’t like to complain because I want to show that I’m superior but unfortunately we play with one less player“.

Is closed: “On Tuesday we promise people that we will get back on our feet and play a very important instance which is the qualification for the round of 16 of the Libertadores which is in our hands and leave it behind, which is very painful. I wanted to say it because he gives impotence, “said Almirón.

The release of the Boca manager comes just after the AFA’s decision to send off Diego Abal, the referee in charge of the VAR in the controversial Gimnasia-Sarmiento, and still injured from the penalty at the end of the Superclásico in the Monumental and from the expulsions against River and a date before against Racing.

Source: Clarin

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