Chiqui Tapia regains full control of Argentine football: winners, losers and what’s to come

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Chiqui Tapia regains full control of Argentine football: winners, losers and what's to come

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Claudio Tapia, the great winner of a thread that wore Tinelli and other names. Photo: REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian.

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Without repeating and without blowing, state the questionnaire to answer without taking more than two seconds to think. The first question goes.

-Who is the president of the Argentine Football Association?

-Claudio Chiqui Tapia.

That’s right. And now the second question.

-Who is the president of the Professional Football League?

-Claudio Chiqui Tapia.

Right, again.

Yes, since early Thursday morning the two questions have had the same answer. The decision of Judge Camilo Almeida Pons, presiding over Civil Court No. 99, has decided that Tapia will also be in charge of managing the provisions of the body that governs the First Division of soccer.

This happened right after Pons, by another decision, appointed the Barracas Central strongman as a kind of intervenor a few weeks ago after Marcelo Tinelli, the former patron of the League, gave his final slap after submitting his resignation. and challenge the only list that has been presented, with Argentinos Juniors president Cristian Malaspina at the helm, to participate in elections that will elect new authorities.

Yes, even if it seems like a ‘fuck’ formatch the video, the television host and businessman, without wanting or seeking it, paved the way for Tapia so that the AFA president would have full control over Argentine soccer, something that has not happened since 2017 when the Superliga, the predecessor of The League, was created Professional, replicating a modality that works and is very good in Spain (LaLiga), England (Premier League) and Germany (Bundesliga) among other examples, to manage the organization and management of the highest category.

Now, at least until March 2024, when elections are to be held as established, everything goes through the offices of Viamonte 1366.

What does that mean? A victory for Chiqui Tapia, considered by many to have ended recently. But not. The man with the waist proved that many others don’t have to surf the deceptive political wave of football. It’s worth looking at how many newcomers have ended up now having their clubs requesting ongoing renewal of fire extinguishers.

Marcelo Tinelli and Claudio Tapia, in 2019.

Marcelo Tinelli and Claudio Tapia, in 2019.

A victory with winners and losers

Chiqui obviously won because he took advantage of the power given to him by the good walk of the Argentine National Team and he got most of the leadership troops to line up behind him. He has even been able to silence short-circuits in recent seasons with Pablo Toviggino, a strong interior soccer man, and has also added Eduardo Spinosa, president of Banfield and former executive hand of Tinelli, to his ranks.

Even Boca and River are on Tapia’s sidealthough always attentive and inclusive “high guard”in Marcelo Gallardo’s style, knowing that the two are moving the ammeter in public opinion, the ratings and the makers of the “product” continue to arouse interest despite the team’s tight tournaments.

On the other side, in the shadows, is Malaspina, who is preparing to step down in the Professional League and take power and management of football. But now he has been relegated. It was the same with Hernán Arboleya, head of Lanús, who ended up with his wrong inclusion on the list seeking to keep the Puerto Madero offices- the first chip to crash and cause a domino effect that ended Chiqui’s change to the questionable double. command with a joystick. As in the time of Julio Grondona.

Claudio Tapia in a photo file with Lionel Messi in Ezeiza.  The leader was boosted by the good results of the Argentine National Team.

Claudio Tapia in a photo file with Lionel Messi in Ezeiza. The leader was boosted by the good results of the Argentine National Team.

Weather in Casa Rosada

Tapia also gained oxygen in national politics. Although Alberto Fernández still lacks chemistry, the President has other problems that are bigger and more urgent to take care of than the eternal thread of football. However, Tapia confirmed his good relations with Sergio Massa, president of the bloc of Deputies and one of the three strong legs of the Frente de Todos, and with Martín Insaurralde, chief of staff of the Axel Kicillof government in the province of Buenos Aires, as in addition to strengthening the relationship with La Cámpora.

What are Tapia’s short -term goals? Get the visiting public back to the courts for sure. The test that will take place this weekend in the semifinals of the Professional League Cup will be crucial. If this goes well, it will serve so that the security authorities of the Province and City will after convincing themselves that it is possible for everything to return to former normalcy. The problem is for clubs, as there are some (Boca, River, Newell’s and Central) who cannot provide space for their members and subscribers. We need to see how it is implemented.

TV also appears on the pending agenda of the activities of the new president of the League. It is learned that an extension has already been signed with ESPN beyond 2027 with re-negotiation of the contract signed in 2017, during the Super League. But the conversation with TNT, the owner of half the rights, is still stuck. Will any of the giant streaming platforms land? We will also wait. It is known, of course, that in the old realm of “Everything Happens”, everything can happen. Even what seemed impossible in the past.

Source: Clarin

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