Electric or gas? An unusual “war” for kitchens is breaking out in the United States

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Sometimes a small gas appliance can cause a huge explosionwith unintended consequences.

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The outbreak occurs just in these weeks in the United States, where it is unusual political and cultural battle around traditional gas stovesa war with a harsh reaction from the ultra-conservatives, who have dug in to defend this appliance as if it were a great bulwark of individual freedom.

The debate is no less: Energy Information Administration data indicate that 187 million Americans, almost 40% of the population of the village, cooking gas.

The trigger

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It all started weeks ago when Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSS) director Richard Trumka said they were considering ban gas stoves for possible danger to air quality in homes, even with the risk of generating asthma in children, he said, citing a study by International journal of epidemiologyalthough the impact varies depending on the time of use and the ventilation of the house.

“This is a hidden danger”Trumpka said.

“Any option is on the table. Products that cannot be made safe can be banned”.

Those simple phrases lit the wick of indignation in the more conservative sectors who considered it the state was messing with one of the most precious objectssymbol of the traditional family, to be replaced by force with less polluting electric ones.

An “invention of the left”

The American ultra-right is shivering when it comes to clean energy because they generally believe that climate change it is an invention of the left” to curb economic growth in the United States.

Within hours the networks began to fill up memes and fake news of alleged “anti-kitchen brigades” which houses invaded tear up the artifact and carry it away.

People consulted the manufacturers on the alleged dangers of using gas.

Networks have posted photos of senior Democratic officials — including First Lady Jill Biden — cooking on one of those controversial appliances during the pandemic. “Hypocrites”they accused. On TikTok they mocked the political correctness of progressives with photos of gas stoves with the caption: “I feel electric”.

The more radical politicians immediately jumped on the wave, arguing that the battle against kitchens is another step forward in state interference on citizens and a new challenge in the culture war waged by progressives against conservatives.

They denounce the subjugation of traditional elements and customs looking for “green” trends. which they consider a liberal, anti-American and useless fad.

Republican Senator Joe Manchin came out to protest a possible ban: “The federal government has nothing to tell American families about how to cook dinner.”

“If that’s the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s big concern, I think we need to reevaluate that commission.”

Another Republican senator, Ted Cruz, said the measure would be a “extraordinary overcoming” and that they would investigate the problem “to stop it”. And she warned on Twitter of a list of “bans they promote authoritarian democrats”: gas stoves, fuel cars, plastic bags, plastic straws, traditional light bulbs, fracking and oil drilling.

The official who sparked the scandal tried to explain his statement after the debate spread between television, networks and the American table.

“To be clear, CPSC won’t take away anyone’s gas stoves. The regulations will apply to new products,” said Trumka. And he explained that it will happen like in New York or California, where they are studying a regulation to force be placed in new homes electric stove only.

The White House intervenes

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre also denied a campaign against kitchens. “President Joe Biden does not support a ban on gas cookers and the CPSC, which is independent, does not ban them,” he told reporters.

But there was no case. Despite the denials and clarifications, the issue had already been installed. And the right fueled it. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is a possible Republican presidential candidate, was quick to warn the government: “When we say ‘Stay away from Florida’ or ‘Leave us alone,’ we mean gas stoves, too.”

“I know a lot of people don’t want to part with their kitchens, so we’re going to defend them,” he added. “We stand up for what’s right and defend the freedom of people to make their own choices,” said DeSantis.

Thinking fast, his campaign launched a series of chef aprons with a printed legend warning federal authorities: “Stay clear of Florida.” They sold out in less than 24 hours.

Republican Representative Ronny Jackson of Texas tweeted: “I will NEVER give up my gas stove”. “If the White House freaks come for my cooking, they can take it out of my cold, dead hands. COME GET THEM!!” she challenged.

advantages of gas

Gas stoves, generally installed in urban centers where they are present better supply networksallow for faster and more precise temperature control than electric ones, what makes them popular with restaurant chefs and who loves to prepare a good meal.

“Induction” appliances are installed. in “green” houses. or in the most remote cities where the gas system does not reach.

They use electricity to produce a magnetic field to heat pots and pans directly, they also allow for precise temperature control, but they are not that popular like gas ones because the technology is not so familiar e they are more expensive buy.

To encourage the shift to greener energy, the Inflation Reduction Act was passed last year created rebates up to $840 in the cost of household appliances. But gas stoves are now resisting attacks and they have succeeded millions of unexpected supporters.

Washington correspondent


Source: Clarin

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