Immediate deportation, no right to asylum: the new London bill on illegal immigration rejected

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British Prime Minister of Home Affairs Rishi Sunak has vowed to end the crossings The Sleeve on makeshift boats.

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Suella Braverman introduced a bill on Tuesday it would automatically deport immigrants arriving illegally unable to seek asylum. Apart from the Conservatives in government, the bill clashes with virulent opposition.

The fiercest criticism comes from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. In a statement, UNHCR expresses its “deep concern”.

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He warned that the bill could “abolish the right of asylum in the United Kingdom” for immigrants arriving irregularly in the territory, and would constitute a clear violation of the Geneva Convention: “Those fleeing war and persecution have no chance of obtaining visas and passports, and there is no legal path for them”.

In the UK, immigrant NGOs are also outraged by the text and denounce it as such inhumane and devoid of empathy.

Even among immigration law professionals, the feasibility of the project is questioned, beyond its legality. Although the text provides arrest and deportation of persons arriving across the Channel, experts point out that London has no detention capacity and that no partner country would be willing to welcome these migrants.

Audrecelles beach, used by migrants to leave for Great Britain.  Photo: AP

Audrecelles beach, used by migrants to leave for Great Britain. Photo: AP

With this new legislation, Rishi Sunak’s conservative executive tries to fight back the sharp increase in migrants who arrive clandestinely on small boats crossing the English Channel from the French coast.

Stop irregular arrivals by sea It’s the “people priority” assured the Prime Minister in the weekly session of questions in the House of Commons, promising to “suppress the criminal gangs” who traffic migrants.

The text bans people who have arrived this way from seeking asylum and subsequently settling in the UK or applying for British citizenship. It also makes it easier to detain migrants until they are deported to a third country that is considered safe.

“It’s not racist”

not racist let’s say we have too many illegal immigrants abuse our asylum systemThe interior minister, the ultra-conservative Suella Braverman, defended this on Wednesday in an opinion article published in the Daily Mail.

Among the widespread criticisms were those of former footballer Gary Lineker, star BBC presenter, who compared the government’s speech on refugees with that of the Nazi regime.

“My God, this is beyond awful. There is no massive influx (…) is just an immeasurably cruel policy directed against the most vulnerable people in language not unlike that used by Germany in the 1930s,” the current host of BBC’s ‘Match of the Day’ tweeted on Tuesday. “.

Conservative MPs have called on the BBC to sanction Lineker, accusing him of going too far.

RFI correspondent, London, Emeline Vin

Source: Clarin

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