Protein after workout?: How much should be consumed after exercise and the 30 minute myth

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In the fitness world it is believed that there is a set time after exercising to be able eat proteins and carbohydratesin order to make training effective. Science tries to explain if this Is it true or is it a myth.

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It’s common to see people at the gym having protein shakes before or after a workout. It doesn’t just serve as an intake of a protein supplementexcept that it is a form fast AND simple to be consumed if you are away from home. It is essential to remember that you should always consult a doctor, nutritionist or sports specialist on whether or not to take supplements.

To get good results, it’s just not necessary protein consumptionbut it must also go hand in hand with moments of recovery. This serves to be able to have a good performance in the next training session and therefore be able to achieve the proposed objectives.

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Is there an exact time to eat protein after a workout?

It is said that there is an “anabolic” window, present up to 30 minutes after training, in which protein can be better assimilated. To some extent this is true. If you want to gain muscle mass, you need to eat protein. Your healthcare professional may recommend adding specific meats or other types of foods with protein content, but a protein shake may also be suggested.

Protein consumption is essential to be able to do this recover and encourage the muscle growth after workouts. People looking for physical changes consume 1.8 to 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram daily.

muscle mass. Photo: Getty Images

muscle mass. Photo: Getty Images

These smoothies deliver amino acids in athletes to obtain an increase in muscle mass by being used in the correct proportion. What it does is generate a caloric surplus by increasing muscle or deficit to achieve fat loss.

Muscle training.  Shutterstock photos.

Muscle training. Shutterstock photos.

Do we ingest protein before 30 minutes?

According to a study conducted by MHSalud, it is argued that, no need to eat protein before 30 minutes as there may be that anabolic window in which the muscles are able to acquire these proteins up to 24 hours after training.

Source: Clarin

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