The oil that helps reduce sugar, lowers cholesterol and stimulates the digestive system

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Oils are no longer the ogres of healthy eating. The Superior Council for Scientific Research of Spain conducted a study, later published in the prestigious journal Nutrients, which reevaluates a little-known variety that has powerful health-promoting properties.

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The aim of the study, as told in a note by the AS website, is “to help people choose healthier options”.

To do this, in this case the qualities of 32 edible oils. The most important place was obtained by virgin olive. Known as “liquid gold”, due to the percentage of unsaturated fats it contains.

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Flax seeds are rich in Omega 3.

Flax seeds are rich in Omega 3.

But, in addition, there was an amazing result. It is linseed or linseed oil, which also has remarkable benefits for different health situations.

The virtues of linseed oil

The most relevant point, as indicated by As’s note, is that flax seeds, its main raw material, are a precious source of Omega 3 acids.

These are very beneficial for health. Their effects? The Medlineplus site published the following summary:

– Reduce triglycerides, a type of fat in the blood.

Linseed oil can be used for seasoning or cooking. Shutterstock Photo.

Linseed oil can be used for seasoning or cooking. Shutterstock Photo.

– Reduce the risk of developing arrhythmias.

– They reduce the buildup of plaque, a substance including fat, cholesterol and calcium, which hardens and blocks the arteries.

– Help lower blood pressure.

To this, the note of As adds that they are Beneficial for reducing blood sugar levels and also used to treat some digestive and even inflammatory diseases.

How to incorporate them into your diet

The presentation in oil can be used in salads or in cooking.

Its flavor is similar to that of walnuts. Over time it tends to oxidize and become more bitter.

In addition, with the guidance of a health professional, it is possible to choose concentrated capsules.

The next alternative is to incorporate the seeds, previously activated.

Source: Clarin

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