Problems losing weight? This is the food that could be making you fat

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Many times when we want to lose weight fast we get involved in promising diets which eventually cause a rebound effect in our body due to food restriction. Also sedentary life plays against our health.

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The answer to this problem, rather than limiting ourselves, is occasional consumption. Furthermore, a healthy foodwhere fruits and vegetables prevail, accompanied by exercises such as running or going to the gym, always under the supervision of a professional.

other options than increase our energy He is starting to use the stairs instead of the lift, on foot if it is not too far instead of choosing to go by bus, cycle, among others.

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Despite needing a change in our daily lives for a healthy weight that conforms to us, there is a food which perhaps is what is not making you advance in your goal e They make you fat without you realizing it.

Sugar: the food that can make you fat

The food that can make you fat without you realizing it.  Shutterstock photos.

The food that can make you fat without you realizing it. Shutterstock photos.

although the sugar It is not a bad nutrient per se, its regular or excessive consumption could be harmful to your health.

THE World Health Organization (WHO) pinpoints it as the root cause of the obesity. They recommend a lifelong reduced free sugar intake, for both adults and children, it should be at least 10% of total calorie intake (strong recommendation). Health gains can be seen when reduced below 5%. This proportion is equivalent to less than a glass of sugary drink a day.

According to the WHO report, national dietary surveys have found that the intake of foods and beverages high in free sugars can be a major source of unnecessary calories.

The ideal consumption of this food is: in men no moreand 9 tsp one day, ea women Until 6 tsp.

However, sugar isn’t the only food that could harm us when we weigh ourselves. Even sugary drinks, ultra-processed foods, bread and industrial products could affect us.

Before making any drastic decisions to change your diet, it’s important to consult a doctor or nutritionist to get a better picture of what a healthy diet is all about.

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