When to strengthen enzymes, how to achieve it and what effect it has

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For good digestion, enzymes play an essential role. Since it is proteins that are responsible for breaking down nutrients present in every type of food and promoting their absorption and reuse so that the body can carry out its basic functions.

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These are found naturally in the pancreas, stomach and intestines. Furthermore, as a note from El País specifies, some foods contain these substances. Among these some fruits stand out such as kiwi, avocado, pineapple, papaya or mango. Furthermore, they like the fermented ones kefir, yogurt or sauerkraut.

But when there are digestive problems and strengthening the diet with adequate products is not enough, one of the options is to resort to supplements of this type.

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How to take digestive enzymes

The El País article highlights that the pharmaceutical digestive enzymes They come in capsules and combine different actions.

Papaya contains digestive enzymes.Papaya contains digestive enzymes.

Before starting to take them it is essential to consult your family doctor or a doctor specializing in digestive disorders.

We must always keep in mind that they have contraindications. For example, they are not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Nor, specifies the El País note, in people with heart or kidney pathologies, ulcers, diabetes, pancreatitis, serious illnesses or allergies to fruit.

Another point is that for them to have a better effect, they should be taken immediately before or during meals.

Kefir is a fermented food that improves digestion Photo: Shutterstock.Kefir is a fermented food that improves digestion Photo: Shutterstock.

In the case of fruit that these have proteinsThe ideal would be to consume them raw and natural. While the fermented They can be consumed once or twice a day between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner; or as an addition to other preparations, such as fruit or salads.

It is also essential to keep in mind that supplements must be part of a healthy diet adapted to your personal needs. The next tip is that they do not replace a specific treatment.

Source: Clarin

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